Appointment System

new appointment system

Doctors assess all requests for a face to face consultation.

Patients contacting the surgery to request a GP appointment will receive a call-back from a doctor who will assess the problem and recommend the best course of action.

Contact the surgery from 8:00 am to request a call-back from a doctor.

If you ring after 10.30 and you call is of an urgent nature the doctor will call you back as soon as possible.  This will help us schedule our work more efficiently.  We thank you in advance for your co-operation.

Arrangements to book an appointment with a nurse or health care assistant will not change.  Contact reception to book an appointment.

Why do doctors assess appointment requests?

There is a nationwide shortage of family doctors and as a practice we are feeling this locally.

Demand is high for face to face contact with a family doctor as anybody trying to arrange an appointment will appreciate.

As a practice we have worked hard to meet the demand for appointments but we are acutely aware that some of our patients are unable to book an appointment at a time convenient to them.

The family doctor is no longer the most appropriate professional to consult for a range of common problems.

Significant sums of money have been invested in developing community services providing direct access to a range of high quality diagnostic and therapeutic services to reduce the demand for GP appointments.

Health professionals providing these services are able to refer patients directly to hospital specialists following agreed treatment pathways reducing the time taken to receive a diagnosis and start treatment.

Despite the development of direct access community services, patients continue to primarily access services via the family doctor service.  We believe that this is because alternative access arrangements are not well known to patients who use the service infrequently.

Doctors speaking to patients requesting an appointment will be able to access clinical need and sign post to the more appropriate service freeing up appointments for patients who need to see a doctor.

Take a look at the ‘Local Services’ and ‘Self Help‘ sections of the practice website to learn more about alternatives to consulting with a GP.