Podiatry Walk-in Service

Walk-in podiatry service

The assessment, diagnosis and treatment of common and more complex lower limb problems associated with toe nails, soft tissues and the musculoskeletal system.

This includes a wide range of conditions including wounds, dermatological conditions, toe deformities and nail pathologies.

Health education and promotion to prevent the development of foot problems.

Footwear advice to ensure appropriate footwear is worn to prevent falls, make treatment plans more effective and help prevent the development of new, or the deterioration of, existing foot conditions.

The High Risk Foot

Assessment of the high risk foot working with members of the multidisciplinary team including diabetes, vascular and orthopaedic departments.

Musculoskeletal Conditions

Assessment of foot deformity with the provision of functional and total contact foot orthoses working as part of a multidisciplinary team along with orthopaedics, orthotists and physiotherapists.

Utilising the principles diagnosis and treatment of the function of the foot, lower limb and spine. This is often associated with developmental disorders in children, falls, repetitive strain type injuries in adults, sports injuries and disease processes that alter normal structure, such as arthropathies. Musculoskeletal problems are treated with physical therapies and/or orthotics, which are insoles or devices provided specifically for each patient to improve or alleviate their physical symptoms.

Systemic Musculoskeletal Disorders

Treatment of structural deformity and soft tissue lesions due to long standing inflammation caused by systemic disease leads to improved long term outcomes.

Sports Injuries

Prevention, diagnosis and treatment of injuries related to participating in sports and /or exercise with the provision of orthoses where indicated, advice about stretching and strengthening exercises and footwear specification.

Nail Surgery

A specialist service providing the removal of all or part of the toenail under local anaesthetic in order to treat acute or chronic nail problems such as in-growing, thickened or misshapen nails. The podiatric procedure including phenolisation is effective in preventing regrowth and thus effecting curet.


Focuses on maintaining the independence of children through improved mobility and preventative footcare, treatment and correction of early signs of foot deformity and the improvement of general paediatric foot health.
Musculoskeletal assessment/gait analysis for the treatment of:

  • Developmental abnormalities and improvement of locomotor skills.
  • Gait conditions
  • Reduction in pain and improvement of functional status
  • Overuse injuries
  • Paediatric leg and foot pain
  • Advice for common foot disorders including minor skin lesions such as verruca and fungal infections.
  • Hammer toes, curly toes
  • Advice 

Orthotic Services

Advice of appropriate retail footwear and provision of bespoke and therapeutic footwear
Assessment and provision of devices called orthoses which may include:

  • Insoles
  • Calipers or splints
  • Knee braces
  • Back supports
  • Wrist braces
  • Support hosiery

These orthoses are usually given to help with the treatment of particular medical problems. Some orthoses only need to be used for a short period of time whilst you are recovering, whereas others may be required on a more long-term basis.

Why choose the Walk In Clinic?

You may choose to attend our Walk In Clinic at Port Talbot Resource Centre (no appointment required).

The benefit of attending the Walk In Clinic includes a face to face assessment by a Podiatrist where treatment may also be provided where appropriate.
Please bring a list of any medicines you are taking.

Opening hours:

Monday – Friday

8.45am – 11.30am and 1.10pm – 3.30pm

(Closed Bank Holidays)

Why choose the Direct Access Telephone Service?

Alternatively, you may telephone us on Podiatry Direct, you will speak with a Podiatrist who will discuss your foot health needs and offer specialist advice.

You will also be offered an appointment where appropriate.

0300 300 024

Monday to Friday

8.50am – 4.30pm

(Closed Bank holidays)